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Data Services

SalesOut specialise in the simplification of big data into actionable insight.

This enables us to take your data subscriptions and translate them into reports and services quickly, accurately and in a tailored way.

With a focus on supplier needs, bespoke data services can be employed to support your projects and strategies.

Services such as OneView , where we create you a common view of all products, in a single categorisation and hierarchy of your choosing.

Suppliers have used data services to reduce insight and data personnel costs and time spent on analysis.  By using your subscriptions, data is delivered timely and accurately, in formats identical to your usual SalesOut named data with similar reports.  Seeing your subscriptions in the common view gives unparalleled insight into market trends and opportunity and is the chosen reporting solution for many suppliers.

SalesOut can add any tertiary data you may have to reports to give you the best, most insightful, tailored solution to your reporting needs.  Less time analysing, more time acting on actionable insight.