Are you trying to understand wholesale data product codes which are very different to your own internal descriptions? At SalesOut we have coded more than 3 million products to help our customers make business decisions quickly so you can focus on what really matters. If you are struggling with hierarchies which make no sense or do not align with your internal reporting, you face the risk of misinterpreting data and then possibly making the wrong decisions. We provide data in an easy format and code the products in your hierarchy to save you time and money.

Don’t waste time exporting data to Excel and then analysing  it, when you should be working on actual insight. SalesOut will improve your data, giving you more accurate results. Talk to us about how to make your difficult data analysis much more simple.

  • Bespoke product codes
  • Bespoke category hierarchies
  • Product mapping
  • Display PMP price and/or standard price
  • Define buying missions
  • Customer counts and SKU distribution

Introducing UNIFY

Designed to help you visualise your data and give you insight that will deliver business growth.

Throughout 2019, we will be launching our visualisation platform, Unify. This has been developed in partnership with IRI. It makes your data analysis quick and easy so you can visualise, enhance and centralise your data for your own business needs.

What Our Clients Say

At SalesOUT, our focus has always been to provide the highest level of support to our clients.

  • We ran a very successful campaign on one of our key SKUs earlier in the year. We ran a rich BOGOF deal which achieved an excellent strike rate of over 40% redemption from a very targeted non stockist range. Many of these that took up the deal have now become repeat purchasers and the volume they have created on their own meant the promotion paid back in just 3 weeks!

    Coca cola Logo
    BDM Wholesale, Coca Cola Enterprises
  • The Nisa SalesOut training course has enabled me to dig deeper into the data whilst making specific and targeted recommendations that I can quickly drill down to. A great training session that will hopefully propel our relationship with Nisa forward through clear and concise insight.

    Red Bull Logo
    Impulse Category Manager, Red Bull
  • I would highly recommend that everyone using SalesOut should go on the course to fully understand the data it can provide and how best to extract it ensuring output and insights are maximised.

    Kraft Logo
    Analyst, Kraft Foods UK Limited
  • The SalesOut training was thorough, easy to follow, good facilities, useful booklet and we had a perfect & patient trainer and host

    Giovanni Rana Logo
    Marketing Manager, Giovanni Rana UK
  • I had very complimentary feedback from my commercial team on the recent training session you ran. They now feel well equipped to make good use of the data and insights, on a regular basis.

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    Vice Chairman, RH Amar

Who We Work With