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From its beginnings at the height of the Covid pandemic to provide some much-needed support to wholesalers, our Market View has now grown into the wholesale sector’s most comprehensive go-to resource when it comes to understanding wider market performance.

Delivered on a weekly basis to wholesalers and suppliers alike, Market View is the number one go-to report for those looking to gauge where the market is at and where it may be about to head.


A few of our clients

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The biggest wholesalers in the UK are included

With an extensive mix of both SalesOut wholesale partners and other external wholesalers sharing their sales activity for inclusion in the report, Market View gives you an insight into the performance of the biggest cross-section of wholesalers in the UK.

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One of a kind reporting 

Market View is the industry’s first piece of external reporting that provides a comprehensive and robust view of the market. Such a resource is simply not available anywhere else and is a reflection of the strong relationships that we have with wholesalers across the UK – regardless of whether they are an official partner of ours or not.

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Visibility of performance across all categories

Market View gives our readers the chance to understand and study performance across all categories in the industry – regardless of whether their business trades in them or not.

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Visibility of performance across all sectors

The report also gives you the chance to split performance by Retail and Foodservice activity so you can understand the context of how wider end customers and buying groups may be performing. Readers can also view data by market sectors for added granularity.

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Delivered direct to your inbox

We do the work for you in terms of pulling the data together. Delivered on a weekly basis, all current subscribers to SalesOut data receive the report straight into their inbox.