SalesOut’s Unify Supplier Collaboration Platform will help Blakemore Trade Partners and its suppliers improve joint business planning

Bracknell, UK – 21st March 2018 – One of the UK’s leading independent food and drink wholesalers, Blakemore Trade Partners, today announced a three-year deal with IRI company SalesOut.

Blakemore Trade Partners provides the trading, marketing and sales support function for over 1000 Spar stores operating in its area.

SalesOut processes 20 million wholesaler transactions every week and has coded more than 3 million FMCG products. It will provide Blakemore with shipment and point of sale (POS) data across hundreds of categories on its Unify Supplier Collaboration portal to be accessed by Blakemore and more than 300 suppliers.

Unify is a data visualisation platform. Leveraging the power of IRI Liquid Data, it provides a personalised and customized view of the wholesale market from any device where and when people need it.

The partnership will enable Blakemore Trade Partners to get closer to its suppliers, sharing data and working together on joint business planning initiatives such as pricing, range and promotions.

Kirsty Harris-Clarke, Head of IRI company SalesOut, says: “We are very pleased to be supporting Blakemore Trade Partners as they venture into a new phase of collaboration with their suppliers to make faster and better operational decisions and work together more effectively on everything from setting the price of a product, agreeing promotions and monitoring product distribution opportunities.”

Cy Wisenden, Head of Commercial at Blakemore Trade Partners, says: “Convenience is known for being a fast paced operating environment with little room for error. Quicker access to accurate and robust data and market intelligence, of which we believe SalesOut to be the premier provider, will mean that we can work with our suppliers to better target promotions and monitor return on investment right to the point of sale.”


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