Our new partnership with James Hall

The more insight we have at our disposal, the better service we can offer to our customers. That’s why we’re so pleased to unveil our new partnership with James Hall, the primary wholesaler to SPAR retailers across the North of England.

The newly created partnership will mean that for the very first time, James Hall sales data will be made available to FMCG clients; giving them the opportunity to interrogate Shipment metrics.

Better insight, better decision making

Such a comprehensive provision of data will provide users with a truer and deeper understanding of how their products, categories and competitors are performing. This, in turn, will lead to better decision making based on hard facts rather than mere assumptions.

Operating across an impressive estate of around 640 stores, James Hall’s operational excellence has long been renowned across the wholesale sector.

Proud history

For any reader who isn’t familiar with James Hall, a brief history lesson might prove helpful. The business dates all the way back to 1863 when founder James Hall (who else?) opened a bacon cutting business and retail shop in Southport, Lancashire.

The business developed gradually, and James soon began supplying other shops with his products. And so began the successful wholesale business. In 1956, the company was among the first of five distributors to be instrumental in introducing SPAR to the UK. This resulted in a huge step forward.

Primary wholesaler to SPAR

These days, James Hall is an award-winning family business that operates as the primary wholesaler to SPAR retailers throughout the north. They also own an impressive number of other manufacturing and non-food business and are one of the country’s largest employers.

The provision of James Hall sales data would be useful at the best of times but, in the current turbulent times we now find ourselves in, it could prove to be invaluable for forward-thinking operators. It will certainly give FMCG manufacturers the chance to strengthen and enhance their relationship with a key partner within the SPAR UK operation.

The market-leading data visualisation platform

With this partnership, users will be able to access James Hall’s data via SalesOut’s market-leading Unify data visualisation platform. This has been developed together with IRi to make your data analysis quick and easy, so you can visualise, enhance and centralise your data for your own business needs.

Support for your data analytics journey

With the rollout of data onto Unify, both the James Hall team and FMCG clients will have SalesOut’s expert advisors on hand to fully support them in their data analytics journey.

James Hall joins SalesOut’s existing SPAR data partner portfolio of Blakemore Trade Partners and Appleby Westward – bringing SalesOut’s coverage of SPAR operations in England and Wales to 100% and its total UK coverage to 72%.

If you’d like to find out more about what Unify could do for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team who will be delighted to help in any way they can.

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