SalesOut’s Unify Supplier Collaboration Platform will help Pallas and its suppliers improve joint business planning

Bracknell, UK; 9 July 2018 – Ireland’s leading food service distributor, Pallas Foods, today announced a multi-year deal with IRI Company SalesOut. IRI is a leading provider of big data and predictive analytics for FMCG manufacturers and retailers.

Pallas Foods is part of the wider Sysco Family of companies, including the Brakes Group, and has over 8,000 customers and a portfolio of over 12,500 products in the Island of Ireland. Pallas specialises in locally sourced fresh, frozen, ambient and non–food products along with an extensive Brakes brand offering. Pallas operates from warehouses in Dublin, Newcastle West and Lisburn.

SalesOut processes 20 million wholesaler transactions every week and has coded more than three million FMCG products. Via its Unify Supplier Collaboration portal, Pallas and Brakes Ireland shipment sales (POS) data across hundreds of categories, can now be accessed by Pallas, Brakes Ireland and its many suppliers. Unify, a data visualisation platform, provides a personalised and customised view of the wholesale market from any device where and when people need it.

The partnership will enable Pallas to continue to support its catering partners with new insights and help their customers grow their business, manage costs and improve margins by sharing data and working together on joint business planning initiatives, such as pricing, range and promotions. Data for both Pallas and Brakes Ireland will be available.

Kirsty Harris-Clarke, General Manager of IRI Company SalesOut, says: “We are very proud to be supporting Pallas in their plans to work more closely with their suppliers. The new visibility around performance, including range and price, is a signal of the commitment that Pallas has shown to support both its customers’ businesses and their suppliers’ businesses.

David McLelland, Head of Procurement at Pallas, adds: “We recognise that our customers’ success is our success and we continue to work closely with our suppliers to be at the forefront of new trends, appetites and the challenges and opportunities that emerge within the food and drink sector. We look forward to suppliers having a greater understanding of our business, being able to share their insights and collaborating on how to grow our businesses and those of our customers – now and in the future”


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