On the 17th-18th of May, SalesOut staff will be cycling through the night to complete a 24-hour static bike ride to raise money for our charity of the year: Mind Northampton and District.

We’re hoping to raise £2,000 in 2019 to go towards the amazing work that the Mind team do to support people with such a wide range of mental health support. Please help us make a dent in our target with our big event of the year, by donating here:


Alternatively, if you are able to support by providing drinks or snacks (we’ll need plenty to keep us going!) get in touch with our support team at SalesOut.Support@IRIworldwide.com or on 01327 856080

(we also run a charity tuck shop year round in our office and training room so any donations of snacks and drinks for this are also always appreciated!) 

You can find out more about the great work that Mind Northampton and District do here:


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