Who Are SalesOut

SalesOut help FMCG manufacturers to delve into the data of their Out of Home Sales.

By using our visualisation platform to improve and centralise big data, manufacturers and wholesalers can build better relationships for their business.

Complex data is made simple so our customers can focus on the business decisions that really matter.

SalesOut is part of IRI – the world’s leading provider of Consumer and Market intelligence and analysis for the FMCG industry’


How are my products performing?

  • Visualise your data with SalesOut Unify
  • Library of pre-defined reports
  • Create powerful storiesAn intuitive interface
  • Use on your PC or tablet
  • Export reports to Excel or PowerPoint


Data presented how you want it

  • Bespoke product codes
  • Bespoke category hierarchies
  • Product mapping
  • Display PMP price and/or standard price Define buying missions
  • Customer counts and SKU distribution


Manage multiple data sources

  • Member groups
  • Brand performance
  • Channel performance
  • Merge external data
  • Save time
  • Fast and effective

Who We Work With