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Assortment Optimisation

The sheer breadth of SKUs and stock available across the wholesale market dwarfs anything we see in the world of Supermarkets. So making sure you are stocking the most optimal range of products within your store estate or cash & carry carries huge ramifications if you get it wrong.

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Hero product identification

Internally, you may have an idea of what the hero products are within your category. Your suppliers may also tell you what the flagship SKUs are within the market that are paramount to success.

Our AO capabilities mean we will be able to identify the true hero products of the category based on a series of complex analytics techniques that drive our AO initiative.

Identification of products that isn’t guided by opinion or hunch.

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Range rationalisation

Implementing an AO initiative within your business will help you quickly identify whether the breadth and depth of your range offering in store or at your cash & carry is the correct one to make maximum sales. 

With the help of our Data and Client teams, we can help you make the best decisions when it comes to the range you offer to your customers.

Make informed choices which will help you hit your revenue targets.

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Shelf space

Space on the shelf and the conundrum it brings has sometimes been a problematic area for some wholesalers and suppliers when it comes to choosing exactly what goes where in terms of product offering.

With a full AO programme implemented, we can help you quickly determine what products need to be where.

We can also indentify what could be dropped out to further drive both direct and incremental sales.

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Improve the bottom line

Ultimately, getting to grips with what is driving success in your range or what may be holding both further direct and incremental sales back will help you control costs at the bottom line.

Allows you to invest in the products you know your customers will engage with.

Move away from the products that are simply taking up valuable shelf space and resources.