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Category Teams

Having the opportunity to really understand how your product and brand offering sits within the wider context of the category is absolutely fundamental to continued growth in wholesale. And with SalesOut, category teams have the chance to do just that with relative ease.
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Category Evaluation

Who are the category leaders? Who are making gains? Who are the category laggers? Category teams have the opportunity to analyse sales data at a manufacturer and SKU level to evaluate the health of the category based on real life sales data.
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Market Share

Benchmark your internal targets against what is happening out in the real world to understand where the headroom for growth is and what needs to be defended.
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Headroom for Growth

Spot stockist gaps in the data to efficiently resource your field teams to speak to the right customers at the right time to grow your sales and distribution further.
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Forward planning with Wholesalers

Get on the front foot with your wholesalers by getting a grasp on what is happening across the market – become that trusted partner for your wholesalers within your category.
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Guide your Sales Team

With access to a broad range of data on your own performance as well as on your competitors, help guide your sales teams on the ground using robust, high level wider category data to drive revenue growth.
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NPD Tracking

Have you recently released a new product into the category? Or have you seen a new rival product that you may be worried about? Gauge the impact new entrants are having on the wider category to help you guide your internal strategies.