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We use our industry-leading capabilities to deliver powerful customer insight-driven solutions that drive incremental value for retailers, wholesalers, food service, as well as their suppliers and customers.


A few of our clients

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Different customers want different rewards

Promotion-weary customers are looking for invigorating modern loyalty programmes with instant rewards, treats, unexpected offers and the odd gift thrown in for good measure.


Giving something back 

There’s also a growing trend towards programmes that give back to the community or to a charity, which people find rewarding in a very different way.

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Keep things personal

Offering learning experiences and learning opportunities can also be a great idea for loyalty programmes. Whatever we do for you, we’ll make it engaging and keep it personal.


Not just for retention

Above all, a loyalty programme is an advanced customer diagnostic tool to help uncover new business opportunities. Don’t just think of them as a way of retaining existing customers.

They can also be a valuable way of bringing on board new customers.


Double points case study

For one customer, we used double point vouchers every two weeks as an extra incentive.

175.6K vouchers were redeemed from the 523.9k coupons printed, which works out at an impressive 33.5%.

The cost of the campaign was just £82.4k / £0.48m sales.