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Wholesale Operations

For those on the ground within wholesale, having a window available to view the market around them and how your key product lines and suppliers are performing is invaluable.

Here at SalesOut, the experience we have built up with our numerous wholesale partners means the people at the heart of your wholesale operation are able to source the data and insights they need with ease to take the best course of action to drive further success.

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Stock management and control

Ongoing wider world influences outside of the control of wholesalers mean greater visibility and tighter control of stock is more important than ever – large swathes of essential services across the UK rely on wholesalers being able to deliver the volumes of product they need.

By working with SalesOut, we give wholesalers the chance to have clear sight on the volumes of stock being purchased by their customers – even down to a daily level for some.

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Drive revenue in partnership with your suppliers

With a totally transparent and holistic view of sales performance across all your suppliers and all your categories, you will be in a strong position with your suppliers to jointly drive revenues for both parties.

Benchmark performance against key category metrics. Identify the promotions that work best. Plan how to effectively work together on buying group performance. All possible using our data platform.

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View of depot and regional performance

Colleagues within our existing wholesale partners are able to interrogate their data to a very granular level from a regional perspective. Harnassing a view of individual depot performance allows teams to make the necessary adjustments to product offerings and in-depot promotional activity.

A view of regional performance can allow you to understand how local customers and buying groups are interacting with your business.

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Category evaluation

Who are the category leaders? Who are making gains? Who are the category laggers? Wholesaler teams have the opportunity to analyse sales data at a manufacturer and SKU level to evaluate the health of the category based on real-life sales data.