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Make the most of the sales data that your wholesalers provide you with SalesOut. No longer make decisions based on gut instinct – empower your operations and partnership with intelligent use of sales and customer data.

Throughout your journey, our expert teams will be on hand to guide you whenever you need us. We have years of experience in helping suppliers make the very most of their relationships with wholesalers so you will never be on your own.

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Bring agility in rapidly changing times

Lines have been blurred between traditional wholesale and multi-retailer channels. Customer expectations have evolved at an unprecedented pace. And as a result, wholesalers have had to adapt too.
Use your wholesaler’s sales data to evolve your relationship with them. Turn into that agile partner that both parties are looking for.
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Become your wholesaler’s flagship category partner

By working with your wholesaler on a proactive basis using the data provided by SalesOut, you have the chance to form an even stronger bond with them – one that is based on mutually agreed sales and distribution targets.
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Forward planning with wholesalers

Plan for the weeks, months and years ahead using the vast amount of pre-existing sales intelligence at your disposal from SalesOut to make your planning
more effective than ever before.
Formulate your promotional plans early on. Schedule your PMP activity ahead of the rest. Present your all important seasonal ranges early to guarantee pick up.