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Our OneView offering will enable you to gain an understanding of what is happening across a broad cross section of the wholesale market in one single place.

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A few of our clients


Get an overview of the wholesale market

Utilising sales data from our exclusive official wholesale partners as well as those from external partners, users have the chance to study the broader wholesaler market like they have never done before.

No longer must you make crucial business decisions based off disparate data sources.

No longer must you manually try to merge datasets together yourself.

Our flagship platform

OneView allows customers to make smart decisions based off sales data from numerous wholesalers in a consolidated environment.

Market Share Understand your share of the category in a few clicks
Headroom Identify the areas for growth within wholesaler and customer groupings
Penetration Gauge the distribution levels of your products within the market
Customer lens Split the market by Retail and Foodservice customers to tailor your strategies accordingly

Analyse Competitors

Our OneView data allows users to analyse both their performance and that of competitors with ease.

No longer must you be kept in the dark about what your competitors are doing across multiple wholesalers.

A unique offering not available anywhere else in the market.