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Sales Team

Keeping track and benchmarking your sales performance against targets is fundamental for all sales teams. And with SalesOut, you can do just that with relative ease.
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Measure Customer Performance

With the ability to view both named wholesaler and customer information, sales teams have the opportunity to understand exactly how their products are performing in those crucial, headline customer groupings.
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Gauge Market Share

Drill down to both manufacturer and SKU level detail to see how your products are performing against the competition – allowing sales teams to make informed decisions about pricing and promotional strategies. 
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Headroom for Growth

Spot stockist gaps in the data to efficiently resource your field teams to speak to the right customers at the right time to grow your sales and distribution further.
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Promotional Analysis

Analyse the success of any recent promotions for you and your competitors using our specialist Promotional Activity reporting. By understanding the real time impact of promotions on your bottom line, you can make clear, informed decisions moving forward.