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Insight and Data Science teams

For Insight and Data Science teams who know everything there is to know about data, the requirements of what you need from SalesOut will be very different to those client-facing teams in your business.

With our natural expertise in data too, we have a good feel for what businesses like yours need from your data partners – so accommodating your requirements is all in hand.

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Get the data you need your way

We know that Insight teams like to work and manipulate data in ways that most other people in their business don’t dare touch. We are able to provide clients with a vast array of different access options when it comes to getting the data you need – you won't be restricted by a stringent list of data access options that you may come across within other data partners.

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APIs and FTPs

We are able to provide bespoke API and FTP services to clients where there is a requirement to harvest huge amounts of SalesOut data for integration into other internal data projects.

We have extensive experience of merging our data into other wider data projects so are able to speak your language and gauge your potential requirements from the very beginning – saving time and allowing you to move at speed.

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Historical data

We provide at least 3 years of back data as standard across all of our wholesaler datasets – giving you the chance to run detailed sales analytics projects hassle free. Further historical data is available on request too for those teams looking to perform even more detailed analysis of performance over time. 

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Full transparency within the data

The data we provide simply doesn’t just cover sales activity for your business. We can provide you with named competitor performance too so you can enhance your analysis projects further.

And once you consider the fact that you can overlay regional, sector, customer, category, SKU and buying group data points on top of things too, the sky is the limit in terms of headroom.