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You will have a quick, easy and intuitive way to see and analyse your data.


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Read your data in your chosen language, to manage it more effectively.


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Centralise and control your data so you can focus on the most important tasks.


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Track the distribution of your core range and optimise your sales.

Introducing UNIFY

Designed to help you visualise your data and give you insight that will deliver business growth.

Throughout 2019, we will be launching our visualisation platform, Unify. This has been developed in partnership with IRI. It makes your data analysis quick and easy so you can visualise, enhance and centralise your data for your own business needs.

SalesOut help FMCG manufacturers to delve into the data of their Out of Home Sales.

By using our visualisation platform to improve and centralise big data, manufacturers and wholesalers can build better relationships for their business.

Complex data is made simple so our customers can focus on the business decisions that really matter.

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Latest News

  • Food Service predictions from the people who know

    Significant changes for Food Service When it comes to predicting what’s likely to happen in the Food Service sector for the rest of the year, SalesOut has a distinct advantage. Our regularly updated data enables us to see patterns emerging and trends forming. So, what does the mass of data at our disposal suggest is…

  • Good health! Early pub sales give cause for optimism

    Outdoor Hospitality Many of us have been gleefully taking advantage of the re-opening of pub gardens, wrapped up like Christmas carol singers as we try to fend off the colder than normal temperatures. The alcohol certainly helps with that! As well as enjoying a taste of much needed social interaction, it’s good to know that…

  • Fresh Figures For Dairy Drink Sales

    Dairy Drink Category 2020 2020 wasn’t a year of ‘business as usual’ for any of us, but some product categories in the Convenience sector managed to show great strength and resilience throughout. Our data reveals there was certainly no downturn in the Dairy Drink category which performed well and, with the odd exception, saw strong…

  • Lockdown Roadmap Reaction: Hospitality Reopening

    Hospitality Reopening Everyone in the UK is counting down the days until socialising can begin again in earnest, with the government’s various milestones giving us a welcome roadmap to the new normal. By connecting the sales findings from 2020 and overlaying the various dates that the country is due to slowly open back up again,…

  • Lockdown Roadmap Reaction: Schools Reopening

    Schools re-opening provides a welcome boost for the wholesale channel So, the vaccination programme is on a roll and the kids go back to school on March 8. (You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from the nation’s parents.) But what does this news mean for the wholesale channel, which has taken a…

  • A Focus – 2020 for the Record

      Our 2020 Focus report provides a full insight into the extraordinary year we had.  There are some big surprises, but on the whole the national economic condition is better than most analysts feared and a mini-boom might be expected once restrictions are eased again. This Focus Report contains: Summary of UK Performance SalesOut MarketView…

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