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Wholesalers and Manufacturers often struggle to understand their sales performance and foresee potential future profit opportunities. Forecasting can help set your business ahead of the competition.

A few of our clients

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Discover future growth opportunities 

Understand the impact of past market situations whilst also foreseeing and revealing future growth opportunities.

Breadth SalesOut offer the largest coverage of the wholesale market using a combination of our quality data and data science.
Depth Get visibility of data down to an individual SKU level with information aggregated for categories and sub-categories.
Flexibility View all of your SalesOut data subscriptions as well as any internal data you may want to integrate into your analysis.
Consistency Have all of the data automatically adapted into your own internal reporting language to ensure nothing will be misinterpreted.
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Short term tactical activity

Getting a handle on what to expect from seasonal activities and NPD launches in the short term is crucial when it comes to cost management and forecasting of sales for the quarter/half year.

SalesOut’s forecasting capabilities allow ongoing monitoring of these activities.

Allows our customers to adjust levers accordingly to drive profitability.

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Long term strategic activity

We can help you get sight of the most probable long term sales forecasts for your product or brand based off the vast amounts of data available at your disposal. 

Allowing you to focus your time and resource on supporting the parts of your offering that have the most revenue potential.

By working with your wholesaler on a proactive basis using the data provided by SalesOut, you have the chance to form an even stronger bond with them – one that is based off mutually agreed sales and distribution targets.

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Forecasting for Manufacturers

Firm up your short term revenue plans based on sound data forecasting instead of simply relying on last year’s numbers. Put in place longer-term plans for your NPD launches even before they have completed their full launch phase.

Future proof its position in the market.

No longer react – be proactive.


Forecasting for Wholesalers

Allows you to make the right tactical operational decisions that will drive the biggest reward for both your manufacturer partners and your customers.

Gives you the chance to plan your stock levels to the optimum level – no capital tied up in stock.

No longer react – be proactive